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Author Anne Signol and local illustrator Scott Artus visited the Plough Inn Rhosmaen Llandeilo to launch their new book. Anne and Scott met with the owner Andrew and Sara to drop off copies of their latest children’s book. Andrew and Sara kindly agreed to promote and sell this book after speaking to Scott who works for the Gwili Railway.

Anne kindly wrote and paid for the production and printing of her latest children’s book to help the Gwili Railway with future fundraising projects. At the same time Scott and Andrew have been working to promote Carmarthenshire as a multi stop destination for visitors and holiday makers. Their first venture was a 2 for 1 offer for residents of the Plough, where they can stay overnight and then take a historic journey back in time on the steam train at the Gwili Railway. When Scott announced Anne was working with him to create the book Andrew and Sara agreed to help raise funds.

However, Andrew and Sara and their fellow colleagues didn’t realise what Anne had instore for them. Over a quarter of the book describes her characters visit to Llandeilo, visiting Dinefwr and the white cattle before departing to the Plough for some Welsh dancing with the staff and Andrews Red Kite feeding escapades. After their visit to the Plough the characters leave to work at the Gwili Railway in preparation of the new extension which has now opened.

Working with Scott and Anne on this launch has been a great way for us at the Plough to give our continued support to The Gwili Railway and promote the history and beautiful locations it has to offer. Raising funds to help support this piece of Welsh Heritage is important because it not only boosts the railway itself but also increase tourism in the local surrounding areas and the rest of Carmarthenshire.    

How did Anne come to visit the Plough and the Gwili Railway? 

Anne fell in love with Carmarthenshire when she visited Scott and his wife in February, they visited Dinefwr, the Plough (having a lovely meal) and a trip along the line on the Gwili Railway. They have worked as a writing team for nearly 30 years with all proceeds from their book sales going towards worthy causes. Their annual mission is to help local charities and organisations through the medium of literacy. We hope you all get the chance to order a copy of the book from either the Plough for Gwili Railway, books cost £5.00 with all proceeds going into the Gwili Railway Preservation Society. 

Later in the year, Scott will be working in conjunction with the Lit fest and Llandeilo book fair where he will be promoting and selling the book as well as reading extracts and showing children how to draw cartoons. , the Plough is one of the sponsors for Lit Fest.   

Photos and book illustrations by (William) Scott Artus

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