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Garn Goch Iron Age Hill Fort

Garn Goch is located in the Brecon Beacons, 15 minutes’ drive from the boutique town of Llandeilo. It is one of the largest and most spectacular Iron Age Hill Forts in Wales, which brings your imagination of the Iron Age to life. There are two hill forts on this site, a smaller fort called Y Gaer Fach which sits in the shadow of its much larger and impressive fort Y Gaer Fawr.

Approximately 2500 years ago this hilltop would have been a thriving centre, where people lived and worked, food was grown, and goods were produced and traded. It’s large stone defences, now a large rubble bank, once stood as stone-faced ramparts 10m high and 5m thick and would have offered protection from natural dangers such as wild wolves as well as preventing attacks from others.

Garn Goch dominates the surrounding countryside and a walk along the ridge takes you past both the small and larger forts, giving you not only an impressive view but a sense of drama. Who lived there, who died there and were the inhabitants protecting an ancient burial site? Etc, so many questions to think about while visiting and walking around this amazing place.  

The Small Fort (Y Gaer Fach): 0.3 miles/0.5 km (approx. 15 minutes)

The Large Fort (Y Gaer Fawr): 0.5 miles/0.8 km (approx. 30 minutes)

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