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Loz Archer is our in house Complementary Therapist, having worked in world renowned Bath Spa, Loz has returned to her roots in Llandeilo and offers a range of therapies, as listed.

All treatments need to be booked DIRECTLY WITH LOZ.  If there are any therapies not listed, which you would like to chat to Loz about, she can be contacted directly on 07984 514706 or e-mail /  

'I’m delighted to be able to offer treatments at The Plough, using my chosen range of products produced by Myddfai which have the most amazing aromas and are made locally to Llandeilo!' - Loz


Sports Massage/ Deep Tissue

60 mins - £35

An effective way to treat any muscular ailments such as sciatica, headaches, stiff neck, bad backs, frozen shoulder, knee problems etc. Both myself and Jesse are confident we can help you on your way to recovery.

Bellabaci Soft Cupping

60 mins - £35

A treatment used in Chinese medicine to release toxins from the body and to help with muscle tension. (Can cause bruising)


60 mins - £38  |  90mins - £50  |  120 mins - £65

A luxurious treatment using a gorgeous blend of essential oils, making each treatment unique. 
Different oils can be used to help a huge list of issues such as insomnia, digestive ailments, arthritis, muscular aches, headaches, stress, depression, the list goes on. A relaxing treatment with a light pressure.


45 mins - £28  |  60 mins with a foot scrub - £35

Working on pressure points of the feet again helping with soooo many ailments. 
A very relaxing treatment but with amazing benefits.

Back, Neck & Shoulders

45 mins - £30

A beautiful treatment to chill out and to gently release any tension you may be feeling in these areas.

Detox treatment

75 mins - £42

If you're feeling a little sluggish this treatment can help. Starting with a body brush to get the lymphatic system flowing and using drainage techniques and detoxifying oils to ensure your whole body is balanced and working well to help you put your spring back in your step.

Please contact Loz if you'd like to mix and match treatments 
on 07984 514706 or e-mail


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